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A needle in a haystack

What is the utmost stupid, rookie knitter mistake there is? I’d say it’s to start a project without making sure you have enough yarn to finish it.

What did I do a while back? I started a project (the beautiful Aida summer top by Saara Toikka) without making sure I have enough yarn OR that the yarn I use (which I actually don’t know because it’s a hand-me-down yarn) is available for restocking somewhere. So now, I’m in a situation where I am SUPER excited about the project and absolutely loving the fabric created with using two strands of Isager Trio and one strand of a unknown lace-weight mohair yarn with a gold thread in it. And I’m running out of the mohair yarn with just the top part of the front panel and the yoke ready! DISASTER!!

Such a promising start – I could already picture myself wearing this top

What obviously makes the situation even worse than it already is, is that I don’t really know where to buy yarns here in Belgrade, nor do I know many online yarn shops that ship to Serbia. So I can’t just walk to my normal LYS and ask for help.

First I thought the yarn would be Kidsilk Haze by Rowan, but I couldn’t find a gold-threaded shade in their selection. Then I found some Debbie Bliss’ Angel yarns from my stash and was hopeful that I’d locate the shade there – but no.

I’ve been manically googling “mohair yarn gold” and all the variants, ending up in online shops all over the world – but without success. And I’m really starting to worry that I’ll never find the yarn, or anything close to it. Which means my options are:
1) Unravel the front panel and use the gold thread only in the yoke
2) Unravel the whole thing and replace the gold mohair
3) Frog it
4) Continue my fool’s errand fo all eternity and hope that one day a serendipity will bring the right yarn to my way

I’m not ready to give up just yet – so if ANYONE out there can identify (yarndentify?) this yarn or know of something similar, you will have my ETERNAL gratitude, love and appreciation!

Who are you?? Revelio!

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep looking and hope for the best – and prepare for the worst 🙁

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  3. Beautiful works.
    I wonder, how long will taken for one knit cloth ?

    1. sara_neulos says:

      Well it really depends a lot on the type of yarn, the needle size and of course the size of the piece you are making. And of course your own knitting pace as well! But at least for me it’s really not about how long something takes to make – it takes as long as it takes – but about the process itself and then eventually the joy of finishing a project 🙂

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