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I just read an email that made me almost jump to through the roof with excitement – Laine Magazine will be publishing a new issue later this year!

Laine has had such an impact on me and my knitting, that I almost regard the whole team behind it as my mentors, knitting idols at least. The stunning pictures and layout, the luxury-quality paper, interesting articles and the feeling of community each issue entailed brought me more joy than I dare to admit, and it wasn’t just once or twice when reading the magazine brought tears in my eyes – just because it was that beautiful.

Laine was also a source of knitting confidence for me. Since I’m something of a self-taught knitter, I’ve always felt a bit unsure about taking on bigger projects. However, all the pattern instructions in Laine were so clear and well-written, that I found the courage in me to try them – with results that I can be very pleased with (check out my Magnolia sweater, Ancasta dress and Scandinavian Spring cardigan!). Today I’m not intimidated by any pattern, because I know I possess the necessary skills, or at least the capability to learn them.

Waiting for a new issue of Laine always felt like a long time, and the excitement of finally holding the magazine in my hands is something I’ve really missed after the magazine went on a break. But now it’s back, and I am beyond excited – I literally cannot wait to hold the new issue in my hands again, and spend a nice afternoon in the soft, wool-scented, world of Laine.

(The only problem is that Laine has no stockists in Serbia, and shipping to a non EU/ETA country is super expensive… But I’ll figure it out and get my hands on the issue, no matter how much it costs!)

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