Welcome to Neulos!

Neulos is a personal blog about knitting and everything related to it, as well as life in general – i.e. everything from normal family life to travels and adventures, as well as my own development with my favourite pastime and true passion, knitting.

For me, knitting is indeed a dear hobby, something of a fervour even, and a way to express myself. I get inspired by intriguing patterns, beautiful yarn and challenging techniques – without forgetting the simple joy of stockinette or garter stitch. I love to have garments and accessories with stories and memories stitched into them, and I want to share these stories here.

Oh, and what does neulos mean? Neulos is a Finnish word for a knitted fabric. That is, a textile that results from knitting. For me, neulos means resilience, flexibility, softness, warmth and love – basically all the things you look for in life. Also, it kind of sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, don’t you think?



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